45 Amazing Leadership Tips

45 Amazing Leadership Tips

I mentioned in an earlier post that I went to Catalyst East (Atlanta) recently. I’m still churning over my “take-aways”; but more so over how to put them into practice.

I pulled my notes out and decided to list some of the things I’m thinking about from the sessions.

Not sure if these will mean as much to you having not been there; but I’ll post them. They’re really good! And they’re free. You didn’t even have to go to the conference.

Andy Stanley:

  • Leaders aren’t the people who see a great opportunity; but they are people who seize the opportunity.
  • Action speak louder than words; and sometimes they echo them.
  • Better to make a difference than a point.
  • Leaders are made one response at a time.
  • God may choose to make you through an opportunity you don’t feel ready for.
  • Influence is greater than a Title.
  • Information and insight alone do not a leader make.
  • If you don’t know why something’s working, you won’t know how to fix it when it’s broken.
  • Leaders don’t leave; superstars stay.
  • Pharaoh Principle: Joseph woke everyday thinking of a solution to the problem.
  • If you don’t determine the “win”; people will make it up.
  • Everyone is essential on an effective team.
  • People will let go of what they have; when you give them something better.
  • Great teams never rely on individual thinking and creativity.
  • High Performance teams go by the playbook.
  • High Performance teams do high performance things.
  • We tend to blame people rather than systems. That’s wrong.
  • Orchestrate and Evaluate everything.
  • Clarify the what and the why.
  • Select performance-oriented people.
  • You can’t get people saved; but you can set up dates between God and them.

Patrick Lencioni:

  • People need to be reminded more than instructed.
  • People need to be reminded 7x for people to believe.

Perry Noble:

  • “Anointing” is never an excuse for “going through the process”.
  • Deepest Wounds lead to Empty Tombs
  • Anointing needs Availability

Mark Burnett:

  • You’ll never be “certain” of anything.
  • We’re all scared. Just deal with it.
  • Jump In.

Christine Caine:

  • Get out of Facebook and get your face into the BOOK.
  • Leaders, you make what you are.
  • Better to be marked by God; than marketed by man.
  • Remember those who came before us; or we’re doomed to forget those who come after us.
  • There’s no “suddenness” in the Bible.
  • Is it about Jesus; or me?

Craig Groeschel:

  • If you’re not ready to face opposition; you’re not ready to be used by God.
  • If I blame myself for the declines; someday I’ll take credit for the increases.
  • If you’re not criticized; be careful: you may not be doing God’s will.
  • A little uncertainty = a bunch of faith

Matt Chandler:

  • I’m not a Theologian; I’m a Practician.
  • Outside in (law); Inside out (Christ)
  • Be faithful where you are; find value in who you are.

Simon Sinek:

  • Leaders. You need Followers.
  • Find yourself by why you do something. Rather than what you do.
  • We’re walking in circles; without clear overhead direction.