77% of Americans don’t have…

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77% of Americans don’t have…

Yesterday someone asked me where I bought a shirt that I had on. I had no clue.

I rarely shop only at one place. I’m not a brand snob.

Some of you are asking “but aren’t you a Brand Strategist?”. I am. And certain brands attract me; but often I find I’m not really connected to a certain store. I often buy based on sales. The deal.

How about you? Do you have a consistent connection to a Brand?

American Church Research Project reveals that 77% of Americans don’t have a consistent connection to an orthodox Christian church.

Why is that?

  • Perhaps we Christians don’t brand well. We make no ultimate “promise” to the community. We aren’t quickly known for our strengths. Often, we’re perceived as a closed community.
  • Or maybe it’s because the generations aren’t establishing their own faith and realize that the Church is radically different from what they truly want. They have no connection, so therefore, make no connection.
  • Or maybe it’s a blend. I do know that the “world” is curious about us.

The question is: How do we reach out to both groups and stop the slide of the church.

See, a connection is made when a person is attracted to a benefit (that solves their “pain”). We need to build a church-brand based on core benefits to a specific audience. This can (and must) be done without compromise. We need to appeal to the community and demonstrate the benefit of the Church. There is a benefit, right?

Or soon, it’ll be 80%. Then 85%. And so on.