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Communication Strategy

Your website is critical for communication. Do you hear: "I can't find anything on your website?" or "It's so difficult to keep our website up-to-date"? Then it needs to be fixed. It's important to have an effective website so your Digital Hub will function properly. Our team helps you understand your opportunities: Improve your current website...

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The Worst Church Communication Strategy Ever

“We’re the best kept secret in our community” a Pastor recently said to me. I immediately thought of the song “Hide it under a bushel, no! I’m going to let it shine!”. Often, I’ll be traveling to a new location and someone will take me to dinner at a great restaurant that’s also “the best…

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5 Things a Communication Strategy Will Do

I don’t have a lot of money. You probably don’t either. So when I decide to buy something; it has to work and have a good Return of Investment (ROI). If I buy a car; it has to be cost-effective in getting me around. A meal has to satisfy. So if you’re doing marketing and…

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3 Fall Communication Essentials to Decide Now

We’re about two months away from your church “fall launch”. It’s vacation time for you and your congregation, so you deserve to relax, right? Nope. Not unless you have everything in order for the fall already. Most church communicators aren’t fully prepared from the discussions I’m having with them. So, before you head to the…

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4 Questions to Consider BEFORE Hiring a Communications Person

It used to be so easy. You simply needed someone to produce the bulletin and maybe change the church sign. Now, you need someone who can coordinate and communicate all your ministries, messages, and events. Maybe even create video sermon bumpers, posts on social media, church memes, PLUS assemble and layout the bulletin and update…

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Can You Afford Good Communication?

Autumn is upon us and many start thinking about Christmas shopping. I just heard a statistic that a million Americans are done with their shopping already. That sounds ridiculous! Or maybe you’re one of them? When it comes to any shopping, you must consider 3 things: What do I need? Can I afford it? Will…

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3 Ways Administrators Are Skeptical About Church Communications

church communicationsWe recently finished a successful The Church Network conference in DC. Hundreds of church administrators gathered together to learn and fellowship. I spoke at the communications Fast Track, conducted live on-the-spot web and brand analyses, met with dozens of people who stopped by our expo booth, and finished the week with a session about church…

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3 Critical Ways to Cut Costs in Church Communications

cut costsWhen buying an older house, the money pit concern nags at us. Are we getting into something that will cost far too much to operate? Are there underlying issues that will continue to cause problems? Are we spending more money on things that should be replaced rather than fixed? Many churches have an antiquated communication…

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3 Church Communication Failures

No one wants to fail at something. A company doesn’t set out with a product and hope it fails. A politician doesn’t want to lose. Yet, many fall. The Church, with its critical message of hope, grace, and life, can’t afford to fail. Nor does it try to fall flat in communications. But sadly, it…

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