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CHURCH LOGO BRANDING FOR 20+ YRS Award-Winning Church Branding Experts 20+ Years Helping Churches Share the Gospel Effectively Be Known for Something is a nationally-recognized church branding and church communication agency based in Jacksonville, FL (working with churches of all-denominations and all-sizes, non-profits, and faith-based organizations throughout US & Canada). We build...

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CHURCH LOGO BRANDING FOR 20+ YRS Looking for Article from Social Media? Scroll Down Search our 800+ Church Communication Articles This library of Church Communication articles was written mainly by Mark MacDonald our Sr Church Brand Strategist (and Exec Dir of CFCC). Search for keywords using the magnifying glass (upper right). Mark's...

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Brand Determination

Brand Determination Process: We identify key communication personas. Focus groups allow your congregation to speak their needs. Then we discover your church brand thread that your community will notice. You'll become known for it. Deliverables Include: Needs Assessment Audience Personas Thread Discovery Logo Suite Brand Foundation After the Determination process, your new...

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Church Branding

Your Church Branding is critical for Communication   Your Church branding is more than your logo. Your brand is your thread. The logo is simply a visual so people will quickly remember your brand promise or story. Does your audience know who you are? What you look like? This takes a lot of...

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Church Branding Book

CHURCH LOGO BRANDING FOR 20+ YRS Reconnect With this Bestselling Church Branding Book Pastor, Communicator, Deacon: Engage With Your Community PURCHASE BOOK Already read the book? Subscribe to the Book Group >>> This easy-to-read, easy-to-lead Church Branding Book will get you to focus on your audiences, discover a thread that will unify...

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Church Communication Process

CHURCH LOGO BRANDING FOR 20+ YRS The Complete Church Logo Branding Process Solve church communication problems, establish a strategy based on a solid church brand, in order to reach your community for Christ. For over 20 yrs, Be Known for Something has provided award-winning Church Logo Branding and Church Communication direction to...

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CHURCH LOGO BRANDING FOR 20+ YRS Let us know what you need; we'll contact you! We love when people contact us! Looking for more information about communicating better? Church branding? Information on our Group learning opportunities? Communication tools (web, social media, email, text messaging, print, etc.)? Need a speaker's kit? Or maybe...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to Frequently Asked Questions Your one-stop page to discover answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Church Branding. Click on questions to get answers and links to pages and downloads. Be Known for Something church branding agency helps you be known for something relevant and need! Discover your thread along...

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CHURCH LOGO BRANDING FOR 20+ YRS Church Logo Branding Packages In this marketing noisy world (where everyone ignores): Pastor, be heard again. Church Logo Branding is crucial to a ministry's success. Controlling what you're known for allows people to choose you. But there's so much noise so it's difficult getting people's attention....

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