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Church Branding System

The Be Known for Something® system 1000’s of Pastors trust


INCLUDES coaching to wisely USE your new church brand

As a Church Branding company, we know that branding is crucial to a ministry’s success. Controlling what you’re known for allows people to choose YOU. But because of noise, it isn’t easy to get people’s attention. Plus attention spans are incredibly short!

You need a thread.

    • Be known for something relevant and needed
    • Your thread will get the community’s attention and calm messaging
    • A simple, useable message for easy word-of-mouth invitation
    • Then our award-winning designers will create a church logo system
    • Communication coaching helps YOU control content and tools
    • Unify your entire ministry team. Get on the same page!

Connect with your Community. Re-engage your Congregation.

What’s church branding?

Do I need it?

Branding Benefits

  • Teardown Ministry Silos; Create Ministry Unity!
  • Get the Community to Look-up
  • Engage More to Share Jesus
  • Provide Word-of-Mouth Language

Most Influential Church Branding Company

Be Known for Something® Church Branding System

Let’s build your church brand TOGETHER!

4 steps to our Church Branding System:

Bestselling Church Branding System: Audience Research and Demographics: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

1. Audience Research. Discover who you should be talking to. Custom reach area demographics, eye-opening focus groups, and a mystery visit. Get to know the congregation and community.

Bestselling Church Branding System: Branding Retreat: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

2. Branding Retreat. In a 2 or 3-day branding retreat, discover research findings, personas, your thread, and SEO keywords. The fastest way to a rebrand! Plus, it also unifies your ministry team!

Bestselling Church Branding System: Church Logo System: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

3. Church Logo System.  Be proud of your visual brand. Our award-winning designers create a professional church logo system (with ministry extension logos), including a style guide for practical usage.

Bestselling Church Branding System: Church Coaching Retainer: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

4. Coaching Retainer. Learn how YOU can wisely use your new brand. The launch, team goals, and communication strategy so you’ll have a better website, social media, and opened emails. SEO coaching included!