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Be Known for Something is a nationally-recognized church branding and church communication agency based in Jacksonville, FL (working with churches, non-profits, and faith-based organizations throughout US & Canada).

Be Known for Something won the prestigious “Most Influential Church Branding Agency” North American award! Part of our award-winning history!

``Be Known for Something has a unique ability to integrate marketing & theology in a balanced & practical way. Most importantly, they helped us see ourselves and our community objectively with love.`` -- Church Elder

Why You Need Branding (or Rebranding)

Most Influential Church Branding Agency Award - Be Known for Something

Helping Churches Reconnect with Congregation & Community

Initially, your communication thread (the foundation to church branding; what you’re known for) must be discovered to unite ministries. Similarly, your thread must express a key solution for your community. Because of that, even those not needing “church” will discover a relevant benefit!

Therefore, it starts with understanding audiences (congregation and community). Demographics and Focus Groups

Ultimately, you need an expert coach to lead you because of the complex steps in an effective communication strategy. Our process helps you discover your thread and connects a comm strategy to it. Finally, we walk with you like we’re your Sr Communication Director.

  • Unite ministries: tear down silos!
  • Simplify your communication
  • Create an effective digital hub (website, social, email)

Church Branding Products

You’re known for something. Is it the right thing? We can help.

Be Known for Something Groups


Learn together. Expert-guided cohort-style group. Meet others, solve problems, and discover strategies in six 1-hr sessions.

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Be Known For Something Church Branding Retreat


Unify ministries in a fast-paced intensive audience and thread discovery to fast-track church branding.

Online Mystery Visit
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3 Day

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Be Known for Something Church Branding Process


Proven process: audience and brand thread discovery, logo, and complete communication strategy. 

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Be Known For Something Church Branding Retreat


Heart-of-a-teacher Communication & Branding Coach who’ll guide, motivate, & encourage in best practices.

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What is Church Branding?

Why You Need a Thread

Team Leadership


Director of Church Communication,
Sr. Church Branding Strategist

Seen at these
National Church Conferences:

CFX Conf
BBCON Technology Conf
SALT Creative Conf
Church Technology Summit
…and more

Watch for upcoming conferences!

Mark MacDonald has a teacher’s heart, loves churches, in addition, he is dedicated to improving church comm strategy so more will be reached for Christ.

  • 35+ yrs of advertising, comm, design, writing, speaking
  • Communication Pastor and Sr. Church Brand Strategist
  • Exec Director of Center for Church Communication (Church Marketing Sucks, Creative Missions, etc.)
  • Former Dir of Church Communication
  • Former Strategic Communication Catalyst for 3000 Florida Baptist Churches
  • Creative Director & Brand Strategist for churches since 1990
  • Sr. Creative Director at one of eastern Canada’s largest ad agencies
  • Award-winning Communications (BCAs, Hermes, Davey, Summit, Mercury, T-CAAN, etc.)
  • Inducted into The Church Network Hall of Fame (Contribution to the National Church)
  • Written 800+ published church communication articles
  • Author of Be Known For Something: Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation (2017)
  • Speaker at church, business, communication national conferences (See Speaker Kit)
  • Most Influential Church Branding Agency Award (CV Magazine: North America)
  • Former Dir of Communication at large Texas church
  • Bible Teacher (class of 160+)
  • Married to Tammy (’90); 2 sons (Calgary/Nashville)

Mark MacDonald is available for Speaking and Workshops

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Not Just Churches! Non-Profit Organizations Too

We work with more than Churches and Pastors! Non-profit organizations and businesses (who identify with our passion) often want us to custom develop a communication strategy and/or branding packages for them. Therefore, contact us if you’d like to be known for something too! We have experience with K-12 schools, faith-based organizations, and universities.

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Church Branding Services

DISCOVERY CALL  | Start here to make sure we’re a good fit.
Let’s talk. Solutions aren’t always clear. In this complimentary, eye-opening call, we’ll discuss options and potential solutions. Schedule

ASSESSMENTS  | Baseline how you’re doing.
Let’s get started and baseline challenges and opportunities. We can look at Strategy, Branding, Website, or Demographics. Schedule

LEARNING GROUPS  | Educational Fellowship
Ministry is more fun together! Join a group to collectively discover resources, insights, and ideas. Register

FOCUS GROUPS  | Discover the heart of your congregation.
Let the Be Known for Something team conduct listening groups for your congregation and community! More

COACHING  | You want to do the work but need guidance.
Every leader needs someone in their corner championing their best in communication. One-on-one coaching is your best opportunity! More

RETREATS  | A one-of-a-kind team-building experience.
Unite ministries and initiate a church brand strategy! Have us join your church leadership retreat and lead you to discover your thread! More

AGENCY  | You need an expert team to ensure completion.
Develop a Church Communication Strategy in a guided, 6-9 month journey. It includes all assessments, audience investigation, determination of church brand (thread), and communication strategy. Discovery Call

Be Known For Something Teaching

Book a Church Branding Speaker

For you, your group, your conference

We teach every component we practice daily:

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Be Known Book

#2 Amazon Bestselling Book in Church Leadership (Church Branding)


Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation

Mark MacDonald, one of America’s leading voices in effective church communication, reveals steps for a church to reconnect with their community: by revitalizing your church’s reputation.

Be Known For Something uses fascinating stories to help you discover a unique communication thread that will:

• Revitalize your church reputation

Simplify church messaging

• Tear down ministry silos

Attract people to your church

Pastor and Church Communicator, if practiced properly, it’s the answer to engaging your congregation and encouraging church growth from your community.

The book is an easy-to-lead, easy-to-read guide that ends each chapter with questions needing answers before moving to the next chapter. Enjoy challenging your church staff or congregation with Be Known for Something.

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