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3 Ways Your Lobby is a Barrier

For years I’ve been conducting church Mystery Visits. Some call it a secret shopper but ultimately I’m walking into churches across the country with church culture knowledge coupled with the community’s demographic research. This formula produces definitive steps to helping churches become relevant while removing barriers to those entering for the first...

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No. Your audience.

Church communicators are fighting a battle. Trying to keep the church leadership happy while trying to keep the congregation happy. It’s almost impossible. The Church Leadership certainly has a vision and believes they know what the congregation needs. They also are planning, preparing, and praying about the sermons that will be preached. If...

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Be Known For Something: Too Good to Read Alone

Be Known For Something is "the motherlode, jackpot, unbeatable WIN for a Staff and Board team-read!", a Pastor exclaimed. I bet you've read something and thought: It's Too Good to Read Alone! Amazon Best-Seller Be Known For Something: Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church's Reputation was designed to lead a team to a decision. What you should...