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Controlling Church Perception

3 Cautions: Controlling Your Church Perception

Your Church perception matters. What you’re known for is critical if you want people to pay attention to you, engage with you, or believe what you say. Did you know you can control church perception? It’s called church marketing. No, it’s not evil or sinful. It’s not about getting profits or gaining power....

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7 Church Social Media Ideas

7 Church Social Media ideas that will make a difference

Run out of good church social media ideas? It’s important that your posts actually make a difference. Your members are getting together regularly on their favorite social media channels to be entertained, challenged, and informed. So the local church needs to be present with the right content! In fact, Statistica (www.statista.com/statistics/273476/percentage-of-us-population-with-a-social-network-profile/) says 82%...