Author: BKFS

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6 Signs Your Church Has Ministry Silos (Tear Them Down)

As churches grow and Pastors (ministry leaders) are hired to look after various ministries, the healthy church-focus becomes threatened by the inevitable: Ministry Silos. This is when ministry areas become myopic — nearsighted — to the point they rarely look at the entire organization or even at another ministry outside of its narrow walls....

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Creating Better Church Web Pages (3 Principles)

Most churches have websites but sadly, most church websites are created so that many won’t be interested in looking at them. It’s a lot of wasted effort. Let’s fix that. Let’s commit to building our websites so that we deliver what people (your congregation and community) are looking for. That’s summed up in...

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Is your Church Communications Ready for Summer?

It seems like spring just started but we’re almost into summer. Yes, time flies — especially when it comes to church communication. Summer brings added complication to your communication team: vacations, less attention from ministries, and your congregation drifts away from a regular schedule. Summer relaxes. Your communication team can’t. Here are...