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Bring Be Known for Something to Your Leadership Retreat

Church Branding Retreat for your Team

Branding Retreat – Coming Soon

Mark MacDonald will personally walk you and your leadership team through an intensive 2- or 3-day church branding retreat. Imagine!

Finally, by the end of this motivational time together; we’ll:

Contact us if you’re interested. More information to come.

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Most Influential Church Branding Agency Award - Be Known for Something

Meet the Be Known for Something Agency!

Now that you’ve read the book, let us introduce the award-winning Church Communication Agency! Like the book, we help 100’s of churches discover their thread. We love putting the book into practice!

Want to discover your thread and create a relevant and needed church brand? Choose from one of our products:

Let us know how we can help! We’ve been branding and rebranding churches for 20+ years and we’d like to help you. If you need to talk with us and discover what the next step is for your ministry, please schedule a Discovery Call now.

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