Branding Retreat

2 or 3-Day Leadership Retreats
Be Known For Something Church Branding Retreat

Church Branding Retreat

The Fastest Path to a Church Brand

Unite Ministries • Discover Your Thread • Motivate Leaders

Mark MacDonald will motivate your leadership team through an intensive 2- or 3-day church branding retreat.

First, we start with leadership baselining through a Motivational Unity Workshop.

Then we take an eye-opening look at your community and congregation with a complete Demographic Analysis of your Reach Area and ChMS data Analysis. We even review what the Be Known for Something team discovered from watching an Online Service.

Finally, by the end of this motivational time together; we’ll:

Mark MacDonald Teaching Church Branding Retreat

Initialize Your Church Brand Foundation

Our Fastest, Motivational, Branding Solution

Led by Mark MacDonald

Sr. Church Branding Strategist with over 30-years’ experience

Branding Retreat Options

Choose dates, location, who’ll attend, what you’ll eat, and where we’ll stay. Then the Be Known for Something Team does the rest!
Relax, be challenged, and discover your ministry thread!

2-Day Retreat

• More intensive and compressed discussion periods
• Includes BeKnownForSomething Books
• BeKnownForSomething Team Swag

3-Day Retreat

• Intensive with team-building discussion periods
• Includes BeKnownForSomething Books
• BeKnownForSomething Team Swag

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