Brand Strategy

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3 Signs Your Church Isn’t Connected to Your Community

Has someone been talking with you and you start wondering if they realize you’re not listening? Perhaps your spouse? A friend? You feel like they’re saying things that don’t make sense to you or interest you at all. You feel like you could walk away and they wouldn’t notice. Perhaps your community thinks...

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Pastor, What Should You Be Known For?

While scrolling on social media, you’ll see name after name on your wall. You probably don’t have to read their posts to know the probable content they’ve written. Everyone’s known for something. Mention a well-known Pastor and you can probably name their book theme or what they’re known for. Rick Warren: Purpose Driven....

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Your Church Needs a Communication Thread

Most people love consistency while fleeing chaos. A busy church tends to have so many messages and activities that even church staff aren’t fully aware of the busy calendar. People in the congregation hear the occasional announcement, but even those who regularly attend can’t possibly know everything about the church. Take another step...