Communication Strategy

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Your Church Needs a Communication Thread

Most people love consistency while fleeing chaos. A busy church tends to have so many messages and activities that even church staff aren’t fully aware of the busy calendar. People in the congregation hear the occasional announcement, but even those who regularly attend can’t possibly know everything about the church. Take another step...

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Be Ready: Christmas Church Comm Webinar presents a special 90-min Christmas Prep webinar with Mark MacDonald. Just $40 October 25, 2017; 11amET/10CT/9MT/8PT This informative online webinar includes: - Basic strategies for conquering communication in a "noisy" season - Identifying a unique seasonal thread when “Christmas" stays the same - Low-cost communication options to get your message out - Strategies to ensure you communicate...

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Does Your Church Have a Thread?

Today’s church is a collection of diverse ministries housed on one campus. These ministries have a tendency to become an island and work alone, especially if there’s a separate Pastor or Leader in charge of each area. What often happens? Ministry silos are established where each area becomes known for something different. Perhaps...