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3 Fall Communication Essentials to Decide Now

We’re about two months away from your church “fall launch”. It’s vacation time for you and your congregation, so you deserve to relax, right? Nope. Not unless you have everything in order for the fall already. Most church communicators aren’t fully prepared from the discussions I’m having with them. So, before you head...

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(Guest Post) The Most Powerful Thing Your Church Can Be Known For

I want to present another way of looking at the “be known for something” concept. So often, people define themselves by what they do. Their careers become their identity. Or their weekend Jeep drives. Or the fact that they pastor. Our identity is about doing. And churches are no different than that. But...

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3 Signs Your Church Isn’t Connected to Your Community

Has someone been talking with you and you start wondering if they realize you’re not listening? Perhaps your spouse? A friend? You feel like they’re saying things that don’t make sense to you or interest you at all. You feel like you could walk away and they wouldn’t notice. Perhaps your community thinks...