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Pastor, You’re Talking to Goldfish

Communication is difficult in the church. You stand in front of the congregation with many important thoughts to share. Things that God has put on your heart. You’ve prayed, prepared, and positioned yourself in the right place. When you start speaking, you have everyone’s attention. Then, slowly, you’re aware of people not fully...

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Whew. The Church Event is Done. Not.

Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in church events. Either planning, writing, acting, singing or promoting large (and small) church activities. Although, as a church communicator, we spend most of our time before events —in preparation and promotion. Then, what seems like seconds before the event, you are overcome with relief as you...

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Communications Director

3 Reasons Every Church Needs a Communications Director

When we started our church communication’s company 15 years ago, very few churches had full-time communication directors. We talked mainly to Pastors, Worship Leaders, Secretaries and Volunteers. Now, many churches have a full-time dedicated person who’s committed to the communications of their local church. Finally! It’s not just the large churches either; we...