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Whew. The Church Event is Done. Not.

Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in church events. Either planning, writing, acting, singing or promoting large (and small) church activities. Although, as a church communicator, we spend most of our time before events —in preparation and promotion. Then, what seems like seconds before the event, you are overcome with relief as you...

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Communications Director

3 Reasons Every Church Needs a Communications Director

When we started our church communication’s company 15 years ago, very few churches had full-time communication directors. We talked mainly to Pastors, Worship Leaders, Secretaries and Volunteers. Now, many churches have a full-time dedicated person who’s committed to the communications of their local church. Finally! It’s not just the large churches either; we...

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age, community

Act the Age of Your Community!

The (big-C) Church covers the globe through a web of local ministries. We’re part of the Church because of our relationship with Christ. Why are we part of our local (small-c) churches? Because it’s in our local community and represents our faith understanding. Based on the community’s diverse beliefs, denominational churches arise so...