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Volunteer Morale

Keeping Church Volunteer Morale High (5 Tips)

It can be challenging to manage the morale of church volunteers. But there are many reasons why volunteers may experience low morale; from burnout, to volunteer stress, to interpersonal conflicts. However, a church's success often relies on its volunteers' engagement, and it's impossible to achieve much without happy, motivated volunteers. In fact,...

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Communicate Pastor Appreciation

5 simple ways to communicate appreciation to your Pastor

It’s good to communicate appreciation to your Pastor throughout the year. And since 1992, many churches have been celebrating October as Clergy Appreciation Month with the second Sunday of October becoming Pastor Appreciation Day more recently. It’s good to have it on your church calendar! Pastors need encouragement especially after COVID-19 scrambled the...

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Roles of the Communication Director

3 Roles of the Communication Director (paid or volunteer)

Often roles of the communication director are discussed when communication goes wrong or the congregation isn’t aware of what’s going on. Even more importantly, when your community is ignoring ministry activity that should interest them.  If the budget allows, it’s certainly worth hiring a part-time or full-time communication director to tackle this challenging...