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(Guest Post) The Most Powerful Thing Your Church Can Be Known For

I want to present another way of looking at the “be known for something” concept. So often, people define themselves by what they do. Their careers become their identity. Or their weekend Jeep drives. Or the fact that they pastor. Our identity is about doing. And churches are no different than that. But...

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Be Ready: Christmas Church Comm Webinar

AdminisMinistry.com presents a special 90-min Christmas Prep webinar with Mark MacDonald. Just $40 October 25, 2017; 11amET/10CT/9MT/8PT This informative online webinar includes: - Basic strategies for conquering communication in a "noisy" season - Identifying a unique seasonal thread when “Christmas" stays the same - Low-cost communication options to get your message out - Strategies to ensure you communicate...

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3 Christmas Presents for You!

I remember when I was young, I would sit for hours and stare at wrapped Christmas gifts, never touching them (it was a family rule), and wondering what was inside. It's funny that I never figured out that I would get a lot of the things I'd asked for. And I don't...