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Be Known for Something’s award-winning church branding products make us a nationally-recognized consulting agency assisting churches, non-profits, and faith-based organizations throughout US & Canada with branding and church communication. Our products help variously sized churches in all denominations.

We build complete church brands that work. The Be Known for Something communication strategy will mean you become known for something relevant and needed.

You’re known for something. Is it the right thing?

We can help shift perception. And calm noise.

Most Influential Church Logo Branding Agency (North America)

Our Church Branding products are available in packages or custom combined:

Church Branding Product: Branding

Be known for something! Our complete, step-by-step, branding and rebranding products will help your church. Decide how you want to learn and what your budget allows. Choose from:

Church Branding Product: Research

Effective communication rises & falls on how well you know your audience. We help you research your internal (congregation) and external (community) audience. Choose from:


Mystery Visits

Focus Groups

Church Branding Product: Web Audits

People have made the shift from a print-centric communication hub to a digital hub. Therefore, our web audits ensure your website is worthy. From UI/UX to SEO. Choose from:

Church Branding Product: Design

Once you discover your thread, your church needs a visual wrapper (logo) and a clearly-defined brand fence guide (brand guide). Our designers are award-winning! Choose from:


Brand Guide

Signage & More

Church Branding Product: Speaking

Mark MacDonald, communication sage, is a sought-after Speaker. He’s known for his highly-practical sessions and workshops. From Keynote Speaking to interactive small groups. Choose from:

Church Branding Product: Swag

Be Known for Something church logo branding agency is known for our swag! Weren’t fortunate to win something at a conference? Purchase limited-edition products here. Choose from:

``“Be Known for Something took the time to understand not only our passions but also the people God has called us to reach. Their insights, thread, and strategy has been profoundly helpful to our church.`` -- Sr Teaching Pastor

What is Church Branding?

Why You Need a Thread

Book | Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church's Reputation | Post-COVID edition | Church Branding and Church Communication

#2 Amazon Bestselling Book in Church Leadership (Church Branding)

Our Branding Product in a Book

Be Known for Something

Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation
Post-COVID Edition

Mark MacDonald, one of America’s leading voices about effective church communication, reveals steps for a church to reconnect with their community: by revitalizing your church’s reputation.

Be Known For Something uses fascinating stories to help you discover a unique communication thread that will:

• Revitalize your church reputation

• Simplify church messaging

• Tear down ministry silos

• Attract people to your church

Pastor and Church Communicator, if practiced properly, it’s the answer to engaging your congregation and encouraging church growth from your community.

The book is an easy-to-lead, easy-to-read guide that ends each chapter with questions needing answers before moving to the next chapter. Enjoy challenging your church staff or congregation with Be Known for Something.

We Love Churches of All Sizes

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