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Be Known for Something® System

From the Most Influential Church Branding Company

Be Known for Something® Church Branding System

An effective, biblical, church branding system will solve communication problems, and establish a messaging strategy based on a solid church brand, to reach your community for Christ.

For over 20 years, Be Known for Something has provided award-winning Church Branding and Communication direction to churches, non-profits, and organizations.

Our Church Branding System is simple with extraordinary results. See some examples of our award-winning work!

Choose between a Complete Church Branding System or NEW Build Your Own Option:

Be Known for Something Church Branding System : Church Branding Guide

Most Influential Church Branding Company

Be Known for Something® Church Branding System

Let’s build your church brand TOGETHER!

4 steps to our Church Branding System:

Bestselling Church Branding System: Audience Research and Demographics: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

1. Audience Research. Discover who you should be talking to. Custom reach area demographics, eye-opening focus groups, and a mystery visit. Get to know the congregation and community.

Bestselling Church Branding System: Branding Retreat: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

2. Branding Retreat. In a 2 or 3-day branding retreat, discover research findings, personas, your thread, and SEO keywords. The fastest way to a rebrand! Plus, it also unifies your ministry team!

Bestselling Church Branding System: Church Logo System: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

3. Church Logo System.  Be proud of your visual brand. Our award-winning designers create a professional church logo system (with ministry extension logos), including a style guide for practical usage.

Bestselling Church Branding System: Church Coaching Retainer: Be Known for Something Church Branding Company

4. Coaching Retainer. Learn how YOU can wisely use your new brand. The launch, team goals, and communication strategy so you’ll have a better website, social media, and opened emails. SEO coaching included!

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NEW! Build Your Own Church Branding System

Be Known for Something Church Branding System : Build Your Own System

Create a custom project instead of our complete Church Branding System.

Use the award-winning, bestselling, Be Known For Something team to provide just what you want, when you want it. Our partnership in ministry can be one of three:

We can:

  1. work closely with you,
  2. more independently (seeking approvals along the way),  or
  3. totally in a coaching relationship.

It’s your choice!


We can customize something for you based on your budget or based on your needs. Build your own!

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We Love All Churches

Don’t let budget stand in your way, we can customize for most budgets.

We ❤️ Our Clients

Dennis Craig, CCA The Church Network TCN Testimonial

Be Known for Something is passionate about finding your unique thread and then communicating it creatively to others. When you're unique, you stand out from the crowd, and Mark shows you how to do that!

Denise Craig, CCA - Chief Executive Officer, The Church Network

Walker Armstrong Triad Church Network Executive Director

Be Known For Something helped at a key pivot point. We wanted a streamlined, simplified approach and Mark brilliantly facilitated discussion with timely advice to finding our ministry thread. We renamed and got clarity for helping churches “go beyond survival”. We’re now positioned to do enhanced work for years to come!

Walker Armstrong - Executive Director, Triad Church Network

Pastor James Forsyth

"Be Known for Something took the time to understand not only our passions but also the people God has called us to reach. Their insights, thread, and strategy that followed have been profoundly helpful to our church."

Dr. James Forsyth - Senior Pastor, Cedar Springs Presbyterian

Brian Schwarberg

“I buy into working with {Mark and BeKnownForSomething} 100%. They helped change the trajectory of our church in a significant way.”

Brian Schwarberg - Leadership and Missions Pastor, Cherry Hills Church, Springfield IL

Rick Blackwood

"Mark is a kind and thoughtful person who can be a guiding light for those who are just starting out and for those who just need to broaden the scope of those they wish to serve."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

Mike Hunter

Mark MacDonald’s (BeKnownForSomething’s) work is relevant and contextual for where and how the church should communicate and inspire in this digital age. His skills are scalable for churches of any size. We all should be listening!

Mike Hunter - CCA, Senior Pastor Midland, Texas