Church Branding

Controlling Your Thread

What is Church Branding?

Church Branding is consistently controlling what you want to be known for (your brand thread) as well as your visual controls (logo, fonts, colors, designs). Church branding allows you to be recognized and chosen for meeting their needs.

It allows your congregation (internal audience) and community (external reach) to engage with your ministries because you’re known for something they find relevant and needed.

Done properly through our system, it provides words for why your congregation attends so they can communicate it better for word-of-mouth promotion. Since the thread (what you’re known for) should quickly connect to the Gospel, your church branding is an excellent foundation for evangelism and discipleship.

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Your Church Branding is critical for Communication

Church branding is more than your logo. Your brand is actually your thread. The logo is simply a visual so people will quickly remember your brand promise or story. Does your audience know who you are? What you look like? This takes a lot of control!

Not controlling the message, designs, fonts, colors, and stories? You don’t have a brand.

The Be Known for Something® team (through the Church Branding System) creates a professional  brand your congregation and community will love:

  • Simple memorable design that’s easy to manage
  • Unique and representative of your thread
  • A simple 1-pager brand guide (graphic standard) to know your controlled fences
  • We help you set up a manageable communication strategy with Coaching

Check out our Complete Church Branding System. It includes Audience Research, Branding Retreat, Thread, Logo System, Strategy, and Communication Coaching. Everything you need!

How We Help Churches with Branding and Rebranding

Built WITH you!

Be Known for Something Church Branding Process


Proven church branding system: audience research, thread discovery, logo system, and coaching so you wisely use your brand and strategy. 


Mystery Visit
Focus Groups
Branding Retreat
Thread Discovery
Logo System
Style Guide
Tools Coaching

Audience Research
Branding Retreat
Logo System
Coaching Retainer

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Be Known for Something Agency | Church Logo Branding

Guided by an Expert

Be Known for Something Groups


With the heart of a teacher, expert Communication and Branding Coach who’ll guide, motivate, & encourage in best practices.


Comm Strategy
Comm Tools
Social Channels
much more…

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Coaching Pricing
Be Known for Something Agency | Church Logo Branding

Discover Improvements!

Be Known for Something Church Branding Process


Have an expert audit your website (the center of your digital hub) with an explanation of recommended improvements. Or go even deeper into content SEO!


1-Hr Website Assessment
Three 1-hr Session SEO Audit & Coaching

Delivered on Zoom

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Be Known for Something Agency | Church Logo Branding

We ❤️ Our Clients

Dennis Craig, CCA The Church Network TCN Testimonial

Be Known for Something is passionate about finding your unique thread and then communicating it creatively to others. When you're unique, you stand out from the crowd, and Mark shows you how to do that!

Denise Craig, CCA - Chief Executive Officer, The Church Network

Walker Armstrong Triad Church Network Executive Director

Be Known For Something helped at a key pivot point. We wanted a streamlined, simplified approach and Mark brilliantly facilitated discussion with timely advice to finding our ministry thread. We renamed and got clarity for helping churches “go beyond survival”. We’re now positioned to do enhanced work for years to come!

Walker Armstrong - Executive Director, Triad Church Network

Pastor James Forsyth

"Be Known for Something took the time to understand not only our passions but also the people God has called us to reach. Their insights, thread, and strategy that followed have been profoundly helpful to our church."

Dr. James Forsyth - Senior Pastor, Cedar Springs Presbyterian

Brian Schwarberg

“I buy into working with {Mark and BeKnownForSomething} 100%. They helped change the trajectory of our church in a significant way.”

Brian Schwarberg - Leadership and Missions Pastor, Cherry Hills Church, Springfield IL

Rick Blackwood

"Mark is a kind and thoughtful person who can be a guiding light for those who are just starting out and for those who just need to broaden the scope of those they wish to serve."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

Mike Hunter

Mark MacDonald’s (BeKnownForSomething’s) work is relevant and contextual for where and how the church should communicate and inspire in this digital age. His skills are scalable for churches of any size. We all should be listening!

Mike Hunter - CCA, Senior Pastor Midland, Texas