Church Branding

Visualize Your Thread

Your Church Branding is critical for Communication


Your Church branding is more than your logo. Your brand is your thread. The logo is simply a visual so people will quickly remember your brand promise or story. Does your audience know who you are? What you look like? This takes a lot of control.

Not controlling your message, designs, fonts, colors, stories? You don’t have a brand.

Our team (through our Church Branding process) creates a professional  brand that your congregation and community will love:

  • Simple memorable design that’s easy to manage
  • Unique and representative of your thread
  • A simple graphic standard (to know your controlled fences)
  • Ongoing Team coaching


Check out our full process. It includes a Thread, a Logo, Strategy, and Communication Coaching.

Download our BeKnownForSomething process (with price ranges).

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How We Help Churches Brand and Rebrand

Be Known for Something Groups


Learn together in an expert-guided small cohort-style group. Meet others, solve problems, and discover new strategies in six 1-hr sessions.

Cohort Learning Impact
6 Zoom Meetings
Limited-Sized Groups
Email QnA
Free BKFS Book

Group Topics


Group Dates
Group Curriculum
Group Pricing
Be Known for Something Church Branding Process


Our proven Church Branding process. Understand audience to discover a brand thread, logo, and strategy to battle attention-spans & noise. 

Brand Assessment
Mystery Visit
Leadership Summit
Persona Development
Thread Discovery
Logo Suite and Files
Brand Style Guide
Comm Strategy
Digital Hub Coaching
Tools Coaching
Ongoing Retainer
Email QnA
BKFS Books

Delivery Options

Coaching Package
Agency Package

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Be Known For Something Church Branding Retreat


We join your Leadership Retreat to unify ministries in an intensive audience and thread discovery to fast-track your church branding.

Unity Workshop
Demographic Analysis
Online Mystery Visit
ChMS Data Analysis
Leadership Summit
Persona Designation
Thread Discovery
Initial Strategy
BKFS Books
Team Swag

Length Options

2 Day
3 Day

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More About Church Branding Strategy

Church Comm Services

We Understand Church Communication and Church Branding



Let’s talk. Solutions aren’t always clear. In this complimentary, eye-opening call, we’ll discuss options and solutions. Book Now



Let’s get started and baseline challenges and opportunities. We can look at Strategy, Branding, Website, or Demographics. Schedule Now



Ministry is more fun together! Join a group led by an expert to collectively discover resources, insights, and ideas. Contact us



You want to do the work but need guidance.
Every leader needs someone in their corner championing their best in communication. One-on-one coaching is your best opportunity! Contact us



You need an Expert to ensure completion of the work.
Develop an effective Church Communication Strategy in a guided, 6-9 month journey. It includes: all communication assessments, investigation of audience, determination of church brand (thread), and communication strategy. Contact us

Over 2 Decades of Client Love

"Mark is a kind and thoughtful person who can be a guiding light for those who are just starting out and for those who just need to broaden the scope of those they wish to serve."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

"We all have something we can do to help others at what they are doing. Mark can help you get the word out to others."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

"When I decided to reach out to Mark to help me with a startup ministry, I first reached out to others who had worked with Mark in the past. From well established ministries to those who were just beginning, the reviews on Mark's work were stellar."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

Mark MacDonald was full of valuable information from how to identify your congregation, tips on how to grow your church, and website information. I wrote down just about everything he said!

Linda Urquhart - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta

Mark MacDonald was so interesting and had good SIMPLE, PRACTICAL ideas.

Jill Brown - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta