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This library of Church Communication articles was written mainly by Mark MacDonald our Sr Church Brand Strategist (and Exec Dir of CFCC). Search for keywords using the magnifying glass (upper right).

Mark’s available for consulting, coaching, speaking, branding retreats, and assessments. He’s also written the bestselling book: “Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community“.

Our book is available on Amazon and directly from the publisher.    Contact Mark.

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    DISCOVERY CALL  | Start here to make sure we’re a good fit.
    Let’s talk. Solutions aren’t always clear. In this complimentary, eye-opening call, we’ll discuss options and potential solutions. Schedule

    ASSESSMENTS  | Baseline how you’re doing.
    Let’s get started and baseline challenges and opportunities. We can look at Strategy, Branding, Website, or Demographics. Schedule

    LEARNING GROUPS  | Educational Fellowship
    Ministry is more fun together! Join a group to collectively discover resources, insights, and ideas. Register

    FOCUS GROUPS  | Discover the heart of your congregation.
    Let the Be Known for Something team conduct listening groups for your congregation and community! More

    COACHING  | You want to do the work but need guidance.
    Every leader needs someone in their corner championing their best in communication. One-on-one coaching is your best opportunity! More

    RETREATS  | A one-of-a-kind team-building experience.
    Unite ministries and initiate a church brand strategy! Have us join your church leadership retreat and lead you to discover your thread! More

    AGENCY  | You need an expert team to ensure completion.
    Develop a Church Communication Strategy in a guided, 6-9 month journey. It includes all assessments, audience investigation, determination of church brand (thread), and communication strategy. Discovery Call

    Mark MacDonald

    Mark MacDonald

    Bestselling Author and Church Communication Article Writer

    Mark has a teacher’s heart, loves local churches, and is dedicated to improving church communication strategy so more will be reached for Christ.

    • 35+ yrs of advertising, communication, design, writing, speaking
    • Communication Pastor and Sr. Church Brand Strategist
    • Exec Director of Center for Church Communication (Church Marketing Sucks, Creative Missions, Spire, etc.)
    • Bestselling author, writer, creative director, keynote speaker
    • Available to speak at your event, conference, or church
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