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This library of Church Communication articles was written mainly by Mark MacDonald our Sr Church Brand Strategist (and Exec Dir of CFCC).

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    Mark MacDonald is available for consulting, coaching, speaking, branding retreats, and assessments. He’s written the bestselling book: “Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community“, available on Amazon and directly from the publisher.

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    Mark MacDonald

    Mark MacDonald

    Bestselling Author and Church Communication Article Writer

    Mark has a teacher’s heart, loves local churches, and is dedicated to improving church communication strategy so more will be reached for Christ.

    • 35+ yrs of advertising, communication, design, writing, speaking
    • Communication Pastor and Sr. Church Brand Strategist
    • Exec Director of Center for Church Communication (Church Marketing Sucks, Creative Missions, Spire, etc.)
    • Bestselling author, writer, creative director, keynote speaker
    • Available to speak at your event, conference, or church
    Church Leadership Church Communication Speaker for Conferences Mark MacDonald