Church Communication Strategy

So you'll be heard again

Strategy to Be Heard

Say Less So They Listen More

The church communication strategy coaching retainer for Messaging, Church Website, Church Social Media, and Church Emails

At the conclusion of our Church Branding System, we want YOU (and your team) to be fully equipped with an effective strategy.

Church communication is difficult. You’re juggling a lot! You need a strategy:

  • to get everything accomplished
  • effectively manage the people you have
  • and fully use the best tools

It’s when your new church brand comes alive!

We coach you one-on-one on how to launch your new brand and communicate your thread online, in print, social, and more. Enjoy the motivation and encouragement of a virtual Communication Pastor as you assess your church communication strategy, the tools needed, and the system to accomplish your goals.

It’s possible. All of it.

Pick how many ZOOM coaching meetings you want every month based on your busy schedule. We understand! Based on the pacing and expectations you have for a strategy, over the next several months, we can cover all of this! We want you to succeed in your work and ministry!

Communication Strategy is the Practice of Engaging Personas So They Listen to You Again!

Communication Strategy | Be Known for Something

What you’ll receive in a Church Communication Strategy Coaching Retainer:

  • Website Sitemap
  • Content Direction
  • Website UI/UX Consulting
  • Communication Strategy
  • Channels & Tools
  • Training & Coaching
  • and lots more!

The Be Known for Something® Strategy Coaching is available in:

Coaching Church Communication Strategy is also found in our Be Known For Something® complete system and a standalone product. It’s the critical final piece in your effective church communication role.

  • Or as a separate Coaching Retainer
  • Ask us for a customized approach
    to what your church needs