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Know Your Audience’s Heart

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Discover their hearts

Effective communication (and leadership) rises and falls on how well you know your audience. As a result, Church Focus Groups help you listen to discover an honest opinion!

Church focus groups are the easiest way to hear the heart of your congregation (and community). Get their honest and candid ideas. Engage with us:

  • Professional church listening groups
  • Conducted by a Pastor of Communication
  • Exceptional church focus group experience
  • Afterward, learn from age-graded reports

Mark MacDonald, bestselling author, and communication specialist has conducted church focus groups for 3 decades.

Finally, Be Known for Something is now offering church focus groups as a standalone service and is still part of our award-winning church branding investigation package.

You NEED Church Focus Groups. Here’s Why:

  • before Hiring a Pastor
  • launching New Leadership
  • part of Ministry Relaunch
  • starting a Church Branding project
  • closing your church’s backdoor
  • showing you care about them
  • for congregation assessment
  • to identify problems and solutions

You’ll Discover:

  • What brought them to the church?
  • Things that keep them?
  • What is the church known for?
  • Would they improve anything?
  • What keeps them from attending?
  • Why are people leaving?
  • Are you communicating enough?
  • Is the church missing something?
Church Focus Groups


Pastor, imagine what you can do with this info!

Hear hearts; adapt ministry

In Person Church Focus Groups

In-Person Groups

Meetings in your town
Totally In-Person

Church Focus Groups (Package of 4)


  • Leadership Interview
  • ChMS Analysis
  • Demographic Recommendations
  • 3 Generational 1-Hr Focus Groups
  • 1 Community 1-Hr Focus Group
  • Church Focus Group Report
  • Ministry Recommendations
  • Optional Church-wide Survey
  • Available Virtual or In-Person
Church Focus Groups Virtual Zoom

Virtual Groups

Conducted by Zoom!
COVID-19 Safe and Easy

Available in a Coaching Package too!

We’ll Coach You How to Do Them!

Mark MacDonald, Church Focus Groups

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Be Known for Something Resource PDF

PDF: 12 Discoveries from Unchurched Focus Groups

After decades of listening to (unchurched) community focus groups, the Be Known for Something team compiled 12 EYEOPENING DISCOVERIES that every church needs to hear.

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