Discover Your Audience

Research: Investigation of Audience

Discover Your Audience

Research: Internal & External Audience Investigation

  • Discover your external audience: Community Demographics
  • Discover your internal audience: Congregation Focus Groups

Discover your Audience Research is the FIRST STEP to our effective Church Logo Branding Process. Research your internal congregation & external community to discover the potential for growth. This eye-opening investigation is foundational for church communication!

Discover your audience’s needs, concerns, & goals so you can understand them & love them!

Agency Process:
We do most of the work
and present the info to you!

Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding
3-Step Agency Process
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Most Influential
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Discover Your Audience | Be Known for Something

What you’ll receive in “Discover Your Audience”:

  • Reach Area Map (where you have potential)
  • Demographic Study (with 5-Yr Projection)
  • Research Analysis (potential for growth)
  • Mystery Visit (a guest perspective)
  • ChMS Analysis
  • Focus Groups

The complete Be Known for Something Church Logo Branding Process. Three steps to an effective church brand:

↓ Step 1 (You are Here) ↓

Discover Your Audience Process Process | Be Known for Something Church Logo Branding Agency

STEP 1 – Church Logo Branding Agency Process

(our award-winning team does most of the work for you; with direction and approvals along the way)

Components from this Research Process are also available in:

A few of the components found in this Be Known for Something full-agency church logo branding process are also found in other packages or as standalone products or services. Here are the other church branding products you may be interested in:

  • Standalone Mystery Visit
    Discover what Guests experience
  • Standalone Focus Groups
    Hear your Member’s heart
  • Ask us for a customized approach
    to what your church needs

Next Step?

STEP 2 – After the eye-opening Discover your Audience investigation, we determine what you should be known for. Your church logo brand! A controlled thread and visual wrapper that will help you connect to your audience.

>>>  Our Build your Brand determination process