Web Content Formula for Effective Church Communication

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Web Content Formula for Effective Church Communication

Developing web content? Remember this formula:


Most people spend 10 seconds/page and click about 3x/web session. We read approximately 300WPM so that should limit your web content (per page) to around 50 words.

Interestingly, the more you go over 50 words/page; the less likely someone will read ANY words on the page. Stop writing words no one will read!

Want to go over 50 words? Make the web content scan-able: People start with the Headline, skip to bullet points, bolded subheads, callouts and captions. Imagine if you didn’t have much time and simply tried to skim the web content. That’s all the majority will read. So do the hard work for the reader. And edit!

(Almost everything carries over to emails too. Keep them short and they’ll be read more. Edit, edit, edit.)

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This post originally appeared in the National Association of Church Business Administrators (The Church Network) inSIGHT magazine. Mark MacDonald is a regular writer for this and other national publications about church communications and updating a church website.

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