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Crazy Ways to Save Money in Communication

Our Church Comm Freebies will Save You $$$

“Many churches waste money trying to engage people who aren’t listening. For this reason, communication budgets need to first focus on understanding community and congregation.” — Mark MacDonald

If budgets are tight or you’re looking for Church Comm Freebies, there are ways to save money!

Church Comm freebies are precisely what many churches need! Therefore, we keep our eyes open for communication resources that cost little-to-no money. In fact, we wrote about some a few years ago. And this too! See! It’s a huge topic in the church communication world! Finally, we decided to create this page to keep up with it all.

So, here are 5 ways to save money in church communication!

2. Don’t try to reach everyone (you’ll waste time and money)

  • Initially remember: Try to reach everyone; you’ll reach no one
  • Identify Reach Area (Geography)
  • Identify Need, Concerns, Goals (Psychographics)
  • Focus on Persona groups that are growing
  • Compare the community’s personas to your congregation (ChMS will help)
  • Talk specific solutions (to their concerns) and path (to their goals)
  • Lastly, have strong call-to-actions

3. Say less; they’ll listen more (engagement)

5. Finally, activate Volunteers and Church Comm Freebies (nice!)

Effective Volunteer Structure:

  • Paid Comm Director: controlled, positive, manager, motivator
  • Part-time Ministry Assistant: detailed, organized, editor (balance to Comm Dir)

Needed Volunteers:

  • Writers and Editors
  • Photographers and Editors
  • Videographers and Editors
  • Social Media Editors

Essential Freebies:

Lastly, if you know any church comm freebies (or almost free) that need to be added, contact us with the details.

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