Merry Christmas Communicators!

Be Known for Gifts (to say Thanks)

“Pastors & ministry leaders, thanks for all you’re doing! Christmas is the best time to be generous!” — Mark MacDonald

Here are some FREEBIES & GIFTS for Christmas!

Church Comm promotions, gifts, and freebies are what you need! Enjoy your Christmas time — we want to be known for giving to you and saying thanks! It’s a busy time of the year for ministries. But don’t worry — enjoy the gifts next month once everything settles down. Have a happy new year! With an effective church brand, church communication, and use of tools.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy them in the New Year!

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Be Known for Something Christmas Ball


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Be Known for Something Christmas Ball

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Be Known for Something Christmas Ball


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Be Known for Something Christmas Ball

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Be Known for Something Christmas Ball

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Church Branding Services

DISCOVERY CALL  | Start here to ensure we’re a good fit.
Let’s talk. Solutions aren’t always clear. In this complimentary, eye-opening call, we’ll discuss options and potential solutions. Schedule

ASSESSMENTS  | Baseline how you’re doing.
Let’s get started and baseline challenges and opportunities. We can look at Strategy, Branding, Website, or Demographics. Schedule

LEARNING GROUPS  | Educational Fellowship
Ministry is more fun together! Join a group to collectively discover resources, insights, and ideas. Register

FOCUS GROUPS  | Discover the heart of your congregation.
Let the Be Known for Something team conduct listening groups for your congregation and community! More

COACHING  | You want to do the work but need guidance.
Every leader needs someone in their corner championing their best in communication. One-on-one coaching is your best opportunity! More

RETREATS  | A one-of-a-kind team-building experience.
Unite ministries and initiate a church brand strategy! Have us join your church leadership retreat and lead you to discover your thread! More

AGENCY  | You need an expert team to ensure completion.
Develop a Church Communication Strategy in a guided, 6-9 month journey. It includes all assessments, audience investigation, determination of church brand (thread), and communication strategy. Discovery Call