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Ministry learning is more fun together! Share similar pain points and challenges. Cohort-style Church Communication Groups help solve problems and uncover new strategies over 3 months!

A Group includes:

  • 60-min expert-led ZOOM mtgs
  • participants get FREE autographed book!
  • hearty interactive discussion
  • church comm resources
  • a ton of practical ideas
  • answers to ministry FAQs
Be Known for Something Groups

It’s much easier (& fun) to learn in a group!

NEW: FOCUS GROUPS (hear your audience’s heart)   >>>


Six 1-hr Sessions per Group 
NOTE: Dates may be adjusted. Limited to 2 – 5 churches per group.


Six Thursdays at 11-Noon ET

Jan 6, 20, Feb 3, 17, Mar 3, 17

2022 FALL
Sept 15, 29, Oct 13, 27, Nov 10, 23

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Six Tuesdays at 11-Noon ET

Jan 4, 18, Feb 1, 15, Mar 1, 15

2022 FALL
Sept 13, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov 8, 22

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Six Wednesdays at 11-Noon ET

Jan 5, 19, Feb 2, 16, Mar 2, 16

2022 FALL
Sept 14, 28, Oct 12, 26, Nov 9, 30

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FOCUS GROUPS: Our team conducts listening groups and reports   >>>


Learn From One Another!

Working on a new Church Brand and want a Church Communication expert to guide you through the process? In this Group, together, we’ll establish the principles and practical steps to an effective church brand (communication thread and visual brand foundation).
Download PDF of Course Description.

Branding Group

Tasked with improving your Church Website? A Church Comm expert will lead you all into a practical deep-dive to ensure your website is communicating effectively to your audiences (congregation/community). We’ll also learn from others as we troubleshoot their issues!
Download PDF of Course Description.

Website Group

Your Church Communication Strategy needs to work effectively. What a challenge! Join this Group who want leadership, tips, and feedback from an expert about developing an effective strategy. Let’s reconnect with community while engaging your congregation!
Download PDF of Course Description.

Strategy Group

Church Focus Groups will let you discover (and hear) the heart of your congregation and your community. It’s the easiest way to get their honest and candid ideas and thoughts. The Be Known for Something team conducts the groups and reports their findings to the church leadership. More info…

Focus Groups (Church and Community)

Can you think of a Church Comm topic you’d like to group-learn? Perhaps you know an existing group that wants a custom-learning experience. Contact us! We’ll work together to organize a Group that you’ll love!

Communication Groups


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Pricing (6 sessions)

1 Person – $500
2 People – 10% DISCOUNT – $900
3 People – 15% DISCOUNT – $1275

<500? Get 30% off (select Small Church in Amount)

Register 1 month before, bring a team member for FREE!
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Over 2 Decades of Client Love

Pastor James Forsyth

"Be Known for Something took the time to understand not only our passions but also the people God has called us to reach. Their insights, thread, and strategy that followed have been profoundly helpful to our church."

Dr. James Forsyth - Senior Pastor, Cedar Springs Presbyterian

Brian Schwarberg

“I buy into working with {Mark and BeKnownForSomething} 100%. They helped change the trajectory of our church in a significant way.”

Brian Schwarberg - Leadership and Missions Pastor, Cherry Hills Church, Springfield IL

Josh Starr

“…a rare combination of insight and experience… {that’s} helped me be more successful. I truly appreciate {Mark’s} candor and grace as he’s teaching… such a blessing!”

Josh Starr - Non-Profit Founder, Entrepreneur, Pastor

Rick Blackwood

"Mark is a kind and thoughtful person who can be a guiding light for those who are just starting out and for those who just need to broaden the scope of those they wish to serve."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

Rick Blackwood

"We all have something we can do to help others at what they are doing. Mark can help you get the word out to others."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)