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Thank you for offering to promote Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation.


Pastors, Ministry Staff, Church Communicators, and Deacons who realize that their church has lost influence in their community.


Churches are getting smaller while communities are growing. Churches need to reconnect with community by discovering what they should be known for — so the community will start to pay attention.

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Post a review on Amazon Book Page — it’s not live yet, but we need reviews for when it launches April 10.


  • Post a transparent message about what you’re known for (or struggling with being known for), how you’ve decided what you should be known for, or that you’re using the book to help you discover your thread.
  • Call out one of the endorsers from the first few pages of the book!
  • Once you get your tee, take a selfie and explain what the shirt’s about! (It’s about wearing your thread glasses to discover your thread all around you)
  • Is there a Pastor or Church Communicator who needs this book? Send them a link to and tell them why (nicely).
  • We have a couple videos up on youtube that you can send out with a message. One’s directed to Pastors ( and one is directed to Church Communicators (
  • Below is a social media background that you can use with a meme generator, canva, Adobe Spark, or similar, to create your own meme for the book.
  • Highlight how the book comes with a cool discussion guide included so leadership teams can learn together how to engage with their congregation or community.
  • Post a quote from the book.


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  • Whoa. Be Known for Something calls it like it is: Church is losing influence. Sobering. #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • Be Known for Something is helping me understand how I can standout! #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • Let’s Be Known FOR Something; it’s too easy to be known AGAINST something. #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • We need to revitalize our reputations. Be Known for Something is helping me identify my thread #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • What a sobering question: What am I known for? Even more; what should I be known for? #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • Pastor, Be Known For Something book will change your church. Seriously! #churchgrowth Click to Tweet
  • #ChurchComm is SO complex, Be Known For Something sheds light on every step. Buy the book: #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • Think a Church Brand is about a logo? Think again. Thank you Be Known for Something book! #beknownbook  Click to Tweet
  • #Church vision statements don’t attract the community; every church needs a comm thread instead. #beknownbook Click to Tweet
  • Consistency creates a thread. Church, what are you regularly saying to your community? Do they want it? #beknownbook  Click to Tweet

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Be Known for Something
Be Known Book


Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation

Mark MacDonald, one of America’s leading voices in effective church communication, reveals steps for a church to reconnect with their community: by revitalizing your church’s reputation.

Be Known For Something uses fascinating stories to help you discover a unique communication thread that will:

  • Revitalize your church reputation
  • Simplify church messaging
  • Tear down ministry silos
  • Attract people to your church

Pastor and Church Communicator, practiced properly, it’s the answer to engaging your congregation and encouraging church growth from your community.

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