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3 Ways Administrators Are Skeptical About Church Communications

church communicationsWe recently finished a successful The Church Network conference in DC. Hundreds of church administrators gathered together to learn and fellowship. I spoke at the communications Fast Track, conducted live on-the-spot web and brand analyses, met with dozens of people who stopped by our expo booth, and finished the week with a…

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5 Ridiculously Practical Email Improvements

Everyone uses email. The younger you are, and the older you are, the less you’ll rely on it; but almost everyone has an email they’re checking regularly. Although, thanks to texting and social media, people are using email differently. Most don’t like reading long emails, and they don’t like getting inundated with…

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Read in Case of Emergency

Driving to the gym this morning, a Red Cross radio commercial promoted emergency tips and ended the spot with “download our app to get instructions for what to do during times of crisis”. I wonder how often (when a house is burning down) someone pulls out their phones, searches for their Red…

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Control Your Communications

I’m a control freak. I admit it. Most leaders fear feeling out of control and seek to gain (at least) the appearance of knowing what’s going on, setting specific goals, and doing what it takes to reach or surpass them. It’s that control that is desired and valued in a senior leadership…

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Good Church Websites Matter

“It’s the front door to your church”. At least that’s what many are saying. But is it? Let’s make sure we understand our audiences first. Because they find this front door differently and open it for different reasons too. Every church has an internal audience (congregation) and an external audience (community). Our…

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Spend a Ton of Time on Your Website to Save a Ton of Time

For 30+ years I’ve worked in communication with about half that time working with websites. Over the last 10 years I’ve spent a ton of time helping others work with their websites as they’ve developed a website-centric communication hub. This past year as Communication Strategist of a statewide denomination, I’ve gotten deep…

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5 Ways to Guarantee Church Communication Failure

5 Ways to Guarantee Communication FailureI normally try to be positive. Much like many of you as you take the Gospel to your community. That’s positive! Being known FOR something is important for communication acceptance. However, after decades of working with Pastors and communication ministry experts, I understand things that happen in our church that almost certainly…

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(Test) Checklist of 10 Critical Church Website Functions

Website FunctionsYour church website is the critical center of your digital communication hub. An app requires downloads (few download and fewer will use more than once). Social media relies on algorithms to deliver to followers (~12%). Emails are only opened by a third (and very few actually read them).Think stage announcements work better?…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Church Websites (4 Steps)

The beginner's guide to church websitesThere are many communication channels for your church. You can talk from the stage, in your bulletin, through text or email messaging, on one or all social media channels, and your church websites.  What matters most? That you communicate where most in your congregation have access to — and where your community…

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