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Be Known For Something

Improve your church communication!
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Process and Pricing: Our unique church branding process helps you discover your thread and ensures an effective church communication strategy (training included). To help your church cut through the marketing noisy communication world.

Solve church comm problems, establish a strategy based on a solid church brand, in order to reach your community for Christ.

Our Process works. Structured in 3 steps, we investigate audiences, determine brand (what you should be known for), and train you with a communication strategy to drive a solid Digital Hub (web, social, email).

Our full process takes approx. 6-9 months (we can also work to a deadline).

It comes with a price so we can supply professional work. Fill out this form and we’ll send you a Pricing and Process PDF with:

  • A description of the 3 stages for our complete Be Known For Something Process
  • Pricing ranges (based on church size and deadlines)
  • Itemized deliverables (what you’ll need for a complete communication strategy)
We can customize deliverables to fit most budgets. Please ask!
Church Communication Strategy Pricing & Process

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