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Be Known for Something®

Complete Church Branding System

We do it WITH you

Our unique complete Church Branding System helps research your audience and discover your thread (in a Branding Retreat format), it also includes a complete Logo System to ensure an effective church communication strategy (communication coaching included). Everything to help your church cut through the marketing noisy communication world. All you need!

Our Church Branding System takes approx. 5-7 months (we also work to a deadline).

Components in our Complete System (Individual Pricing):

Church Branding Retreat (Fastest Way to a Church Rebrand)

The Be Known for Something® unique CHURCH BRANDING RETREAT discovers your thread quickly. In 2 or 3 days! Then add on whatever you need (Mystery Visit, Focus Groups, Logo System, and/or Coaching Retainer).

Coaching Retainers (Launch, Team Onboarding or Training)

Our unique CHURCH COMMUNICATION COACHING helps train someone on the process, launch your brand, tips & tricks, communication strategy, and tool/channel recommendations. Our coaching teaches the best way to use your brand thread!

5. Website Content Audit and SEO Coaching (3 sessions)

Stop the madness. You need a WEBSITE AUDIT & SEO COACHING package. Churches are wasting time building and sustaining a website few will discover. This eye-opening, 3-session package will change your thinking. And will make Google your church’s biggest evangelist.
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