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Known for Love T-Shirt

Be Known for Love T-Shirt
  • Vintage Triblend Short Sleeve Crew Tee
  • Dark Gray T-Shirt, Supersoft, Lightweight
  • “Be Known for Love” front (Vintage White)
  • Small “Be Known for Something” Logo upper back (Vintage White)
  • Blue “Discover your Thread” Sleeve Tag
  • Note: Tees run a bit small in size

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"Be Known for Love" Supersoft Vintage Tee

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3 ways to receive our swag for free!

We love to give our swag away for free (from our shop). In fact, we’d prefer to do that! Here are 3 ways you can get something (as supplies last):

  1. See Mark MacDonald at a conference and ask him if he has giveaways
  2. Book a Branding Retreat for your Church
  3. Hire the Be Known for Something church branding agency for our process

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