Super Bowl Ads.

Wow. What a game! Almost 70% of America watched the Superbowl tonight. If you’re a football fan, you, of course, wouldn’t miss it.

If you’re an advertising fanatic, you wouldn’t miss it either.

Since there’s such a captive audience and there are high expectations for great entertainment in the commercial breaks, FOX was able to charge almost $100,000 per SECOND for the ad space. But advertisers swear that it’s a great deal.

Only if they deliver on a great commercial.

So what was your favorite? I liked the Darth Vador Volkswagen commercial, the chimp Careerbuilder ad, the PepsiMax commercial and my list goes on and on. It was a return to entertaining, bold ads.

What if you could do a commercial about your church and 70% of the community could see it. You only have 30-seconds (not a lot of time)!

Here’s 3 suggestions to what could make your commercial compelling:

  1. Keep it Simple. Did you notice the commercials you remember were simple? A great ad is easy to tell someone about — the message is clear and not complex. A guy parks for work and a chimp parks next to him so he can’t get out. Then the other side gets blocked too (by a chimp). The message of “stuck between a bad job and a hard place?” hits home quickly. nails it. (click here to watch) It doesn’t feel rushed, the message is simple and clear.
  2. Make it Bold. You have to make a claim. A BIG claim! It can’t be wimpy. It has to break through. A new Volkswagen Beetle is launching in the fall but they wanted to get in on the Superbowl possibilities. (Click to watch) The bold claim at the end, “21 century Beetle”, is a big claim especially after seeing the little beetle drive faster than all the other “vehicles” on the jungle roads. Remember though it has to be believable and it has to speak to a benefit or need.
  3. Creative Twist. It’s like social media, if you just say what you’re doing all the time, people will start to tune you out. I like the creative twist on the Volkswagen commercial (watch here) starring “Darth Vador”. We’ve seen kids in commercials before. And even Darth Vador. And the ability to start a car remotely. But put them all together with this wonderful charm and it’s memorable.

So, how would you build a commercial about your church? It’s not easy, but it’s essential that every person in your congregation is able to give a commercial for you. And the more you can unify those commercial messages, the more the impact in your community. And that would be super!

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