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Pastors: 5 Employment Questions to Anticipate from Church Communicators

Let’s be clear, employment transitions are complicated and have the potential for concern. Pastors, from your vantage you want to protect yourself and establish a church communication team that will encourage ministry and improve systems to inform your congregation while you engage your community. It sounds perfect. The Church Communicator (Comm) should...

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3 Summer Tasks

Summer. The very thought of the word elicits a memory. Or an emotion. Often it's what you've experienced in the past or maybe it's a romantic notion that you've seen in movies or read in a book. Summer is known for many things. But ultimately, the majority of us think the same. It's...

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Quads Birthed in our Driveway.

Quadruplets. Right in our driveway! Next to our car. It happened so suddenly with little warning. But the Mother practically smacked us when we came too close. Yes, I'm talking about the 4 little robins that hatched in the shrub just outside our door. We've been watching as the robins prepared the nest, then laid...

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Celebrate 3 Freedoms Today!

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since we watched in horror as the World Trade Center collapsed. It was the American symbol to the world for commerce and the celebration of our freedoms. It's why the Terrorists targeted the buildings to slap the face of the whole country. As the...