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3 Christmas Presents for You!

I remember when I was young, I would sit for hours and stare at wrapped Christmas gifts, never touching them (it was a family rule), and wondering what was inside. It's funny that I never figured out that I would get a lot of the things I'd asked for. And I don't...

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3 Starting Steps to Community

Christmas time. It's hearing a song and almost instantly remembering happy thoughts. Or getting a gift and realizing the thoughtfulness of someone. Baking smells from the kitchen evoke pure comfort. Christmas is (for the most part) a happy comfortable time. Yet, when you visit with people over the holidays, you can have two...

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The Power of 890.

They say that "everyone" goes to church at Christmas. Can you imagine if they all did! Instantly, some concerns, of course, come to mind: What would they hear at each church? What message would possibly change their direction? Is telling the simple Christmas Story enough? What is the take-away benefit message of the Christmas Story? Does every Church...

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Christmas Contentment

As we get near to Christmas, we wind down and think about this past year. And once we clear through the clutter, the negativity and the politics; and really look at the things that matter, we realize we have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family, my friends and...

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A Simple Christmas

It's Christmas. In a few short hours the Christian World stops their regular work and we go absolutely chaotic with gift giving, gift opening, cooking, cleaning, talking, and so many other forms of stress. That's not to mention the gift wrapping, decorating, inviting, and planning. As a child I remember being so excited...