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Pastor, 3 Things You Do from the Stage Each Sunday (other than Preaching)

As a teaching Pastor, you have a lot happening in your church and life. In a very small, similar way, I teach a large adult Bible Class each week. After preparing for my lesson, prayerfully considering what I should teach, and building my Keynote (like Powerpoint) presentation and rehearsing, I’m easily spending...

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Whoa! Here’s a huge Church Communication problem.

We say too much. Do you ever catch yourself talking to your child, spouse, or friend trying to get them to understand your perspective? The more you talk, the more they seem to disengage. So when you feel they’re not listening, you talk more. And it becomes self defeating. But we’ve all...

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Get the Attention of Your Community

I travel a lot for my job helping churches communicate better. Walking through airport terminals, I’m struck by the amount of busy people. All of them with places to go; they’re on a mission! People moving in various directions almost colliding into each other. Stores and kiosks with glittery things encompass the...