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Why Your Church Communication (Probably) Isn’t Working

So, your church communication isn’t working like you think it should. Perhaps your congregation attendance is shrinking or many of them don’t know about the important ministry events. Sure, it could be communication staff issues, ministry problems, bad design, a lackluster reputation, or many other issues that could be blamed. But ultimately what...

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Church Communication Role: Leadership or Support Services?

Historically, local churches have divided staff into two areas: the called ministry leadership (who come up with ministry ideas) and talented support-services people (often called Ministry Assistants, Secretaries, etc. who help finish the ideas without much input). Where does the Communication Role find itself? Decades ago, Church Communication was much simpler. It was basically...

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Pastor, why what you wear is important to what you say

We live in a consumeristic world. I realize most Pastors and ministry leaders don’t like this reality. So we have two choices: change the world or adopt the reality (without sinning). Transparency moment: I’ve had agents representing me for 30+ years as I’ve walked fashion runways, acted in movies, appeared in TV ads,...