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Last Minute Easter Communications Tune-up

Spring breezes are barely starting to blow and air conditioning companies have started suggesting a tuneup for your AC unit. Tuneups are simply wake-up checklists to make sure everything is performing properly when challenged. Lent season is underway so… Easter communications need a tuneup for the challenge to come! Easter is the climax...

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Your Church isn’t Social. 3 Proofs.

Have you been invited to a social event recently? Or even more importantly, have you invited people to yours? What about your church services or special events? Of course you have (I hope). We love to get together. The church is called to this fellowship. God knows we need to be around other...

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3 Surprising Communication Items Missing From Your Church Budget

Ah, November. Church budget time for most. Pastors, communication leaders, and members want to reach communities better for Christ, and do it in the most cost-effective manner possible. But how do we do it? Since 4000 evangelical churches close their doors every year in America, we hear it loudly: the church can disappear in our growing communities and very...