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Get the Attention of Your Community

I travel a lot for my job helping churches communicate better. Walking through airport terminals, I’m struck by the amount of busy people. All of them with places to go; they’re on a mission! People moving in various directions almost colliding into each other. Stores and kiosks with glittery things encompass the...

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3 Marketing Lessons from Jesus

I get push-back regularly from church leaders when it comes to "Marketing". And I understand why. Often marketing feels like “compromising our message” or “manipulating an audience” for monetary profit. And both of these are absolutely wrong for the church. We deserve better. Instead, I believe that churches need to become known for something....

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Jesus and Sushi. Authentically.

The Pastor at the church I was visiting recently was preaching through the book, The Story. The previous week they had ended the narrative of the Old Testament and today they started the New. With a refreshing exhale. For weeks they’ve been pointing toward this person called the Messiah; and then the Pastor...