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3 Ways Your Lobby is a Barrier

For years I’ve been conducting church Mystery Visits. Some call it a secret shopper but ultimately I’m walking into churches across the country with church culture knowledge coupled with the community’s demographic research. This formula produces definitive steps to helping churches become relevant while removing barriers to those entering for the first...

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Tips to Effective Church Greeters

Every week you have families arriving at church. They walk through the main doors of your building and follow the same path that they usually take to “their” seat. I regularly do church mystery visits in order to get an impartial feeling for a congregation. I attend each Sunday service, and I’m surprised...

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Do our Churches Drip?

Yesterday I tried to fix our shower from dripping. A simple fix I convinced myself. I reviewed several You Tube videos and armed with that (admittedly) little bit of knowledge, I headed to the do-it-yourself big-box store. I needed validation and some correct parts. I got neither. That visit started 4 hrs of...