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3 Surprising Communication Items Missing From Your Church Budget

Ah, November. Church budget time for most. Pastors, communication leaders, and members want to reach communities better for Christ, and do it in the most cost-effective manner possible. But how do we do it? Since 4000 evangelical churches close their doors every year in America, we hear it loudly: the church can disappear in our growing communities and very...

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3 Summer Tasks

Summer. The very thought of the word elicits a memory. Or an emotion. Often it's what you've experienced in the past or maybe it's a romantic notion that you've seen in movies or read in a book. Summer is known for many things. But ultimately, the majority of us think the same. It's...

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6 Things Every Church Needs. Or You’re Wasting Time. And Money.

After 27 years of working with churches, ministries and organizations; I’ve noticed most people don’t have money or time to waste. Here’s 5 things your church needs; to stop wasting money and time! Simple Vision. Can you and the average person in the pew (in 1 simple sentence) clearly explain why your...