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Connect Better: Become a Pain Expert with Your Church

In church communication we try to connect with our congregation and community by becoming known for an audience’s needed solution. And ultimately, that solution should point to Jesus Christ. This solution becomes your brand; what you’re known for. But, if you only lead with solutions, people may still not authentically connect with you....

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Does Your Church Have a Thread?

Today’s church is a collection of diverse ministries housed on one campus. These ministries have a tendency to become an island and work alone, especially if there’s a separate Pastor or Leader in charge of each area. What often happens? Ministry silos are established where each area becomes known for something different. Perhaps...

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3 Ways a Small Church Can Be Heard

On my way to a beach vacation recently, I passed many small churches scattered along narrow country roads. Around them were dozens of houses and businesses. The community seemed to be growing while the churches felt small. Most churches in America are under 100 weekly attendees. With a majority of our churches not...