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Church Trifecta: Benefits, Expectations, Consistency 

I love to eat. And I especially enjoy experiencing food from new places. But, I’m sure you agree, it’s difficult to choose new restaurants without relying heavily on recommendations.  Many things can go wrong at restaurants! Bad service, subpar food, dirty environment, long lines and an unappealing menu. They need to juggle everything...

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4 Power Steps to Engaging

A church is called to love. Jesus said His followers will be known by our love. Yet, when the community is asked about the Church; they‘re quick to point to things we’re against. Many are quick to say “but guiding people to avoid sin is an act of love!” and this is...

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Connect Better: Become a Pain Expert with Your Church

In church communication we try to connect with our congregation and community by becoming known for an audience’s needed solution. And ultimately, that solution should point to Jesus Christ. This solution becomes your brand; what you’re known for. But, if you only lead with solutions, people may still not authentically connect with you....