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After decades of working with organizations and churches, we have a lot of friends. Here’s what some of them are saying about us:

“by helping us better understand the needs of our community, BeKnownForSomething (created)…ministry solutions that attract and influence our community for Christ”

Noble S. Mosby, Dir of Media & Communications
First Baptist Jonesboro, Atlanta
(Pastor Mel Blackaby)

“Mark MacDonald’s (BeKnownForSomething’s) work is relevant and contextual for where and how the church should communicate and inspire in this digital age. His skills are scalable for churches of any size. We all should be listening!”

Mike Hunter, CCA, Senior Pastor
Midland, Texas

“practical application with a good theory. Best presentation of the day! Gave me hope that there is a way to be effective in what I do and make people happy and people actually get info.”

WFX Worship Facilities Expo Attendee

“it’s been a fascinating journey of discovery through each and every step of the process. We wholeheartedly recommend them to every church!”

Joe Carbonaro, Executive Director
Kingwood United Methodist Church, Houston
(Pastor Jim Welch)

“Mark delivered more insight and value in one hour than anyone I’ve ever met with or hired. I’ve done these drills many times with marketing folks who make big promises but give you stuff you already know. What makes Mark different is the amount of homework and analysis he did. He found details that I wasn’t even aware of. He was respectfully blunt and gave me positive steps forward. I was both motivated and equipped to begin taking control of my brand.”

Rex Miller, Author, Speaker, Thought Leader

“great presentation… so interesting and helpful. Our brand statement makes it easy to easily explain what we’re known for”

Wanda Clark, Dir of University Relations
Larry McCullough, President
Laurel University, High Point

“I was educated, inspired and challenged to go to the next next level”

Phil E. Rynerson, Student Pastor
Green Street Baptist Church, High Point

“Great speaker, relevant content. Excellent, best speaker of the day!”

WFX Worship Facilities Expo Attendee

“I thank God for you and your work”

Dr. Rob Peters, Senior Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem

“BeKnownForSomething’s steady leadership and support has developed our new brand and communications that will significantly impact our work in the next century”

Rev. Phill Martin, Deputy CEO
The Church Network (formerly NACBA)

“Mark MacDonald has been an essential part of our Conference and Publications…his understanding of church communications… is irreplaceable for us and our audience. Mark has a keen observation of social media trends, technology trends, and creative marketing… that continues to have a draw in this market”

Jim Wagner, Vice-President,
WFX and EH Events and Publisher, EH Publishing

…your leadership (has) helped us navigate our hurdles… and allowed us to be effective in making decisions”

Cathy Hutchison, VP, Dir of Marketing
Acoustic Dimensions, Dallas, New York, San Diego, UK

“… their creative process has transformed our marketing and communications”

Ben Trites, Executive Director
Bayside Camp, Canada

“… Mark made me feel like a Million Dollars”

Jon Carlson, Graphic Designer
Fox River Christian Church, Wisconsin

“information provided in a lively and relate-able way. Loved it! Very useful”

WFX Worship Facilities Expo Attendee

“… I found your honesty and willingness to state the tough facts both refreshing and inspiring”

Jim Tucker, Media/Technology
Providence Baptist, Charlotte

“your presentation was truly amazing for all of us. Your message really hit hard on me and everyone in the room”

Ross Hickman, Student
Calvary Baptist Day School