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Watch>> Very Creative Church Christmas Video

62% of Americans will attend a religious service at Christmas. What a great reason to be creative and different for your Church Christmas program! The redemption plan of Jesus needs to be told in such a way to interrupt our commercial lives so that everyone can know that God is WITH us. Emmanuel!

NewSpring Church (Perry Noble’s mega-church in South Carolina) loves to be creative. And this year they produced a Christmas video that should get the attention of many.

There’s 3 ways they were creative and different:

  1. Engaging story. Their production and creative team (headed by John Carrington as Director) used video and animation to tell the Christmas story in a refreshing new way; from the vantage point of some precocious kids. It’s engaging, fun, short, and grabs your attention.
  2. One of the Actors. They asked our very own Mark MacDonald to act as the present-day Father AND the historical Joseph. With “time-travel” back and forth to emphasize the story with the help of amazing animation (and a green screen)! Kimberly Klasnic played the Mother and Mary.
  3. Limited Release. It’s available ONLY on Christmas Day (with a trailer on Christmas Eve): the day that the church is notoriously quiet as families have so much excitement in their homes. This church christmas video is an excellent way to get your family to stop the gift-unwrapping and turn their attention for a few minutes to the Bible story of Jesus’ birth.

Want to watch it? It’s only available on Christmas Day here. The trailer is only live on Christmas Eve.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The video appears to be moved (after Christmas Day) to this link.

Church Christmas Video Joseph and MaryFrom everyone here at the BeKnownForSomething Church Strategy Team,

Merry Christmas

We look forward to the new year!

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