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Improve Your Critical Communication Tool

Website Assessment: Discover Deep Communication Issues

Choose from 2 website improvement products:

Get a website assessment plan to help you improve your website. Now!

Website Assessment: 1 Session

Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Website assessment: Discover deep communication issues

Our website assessment lays out a plan for fixing your church communication. Do you hear: “I can’t find anything?” or “It’s difficult to keep our web up-to-date”? Then your web experience needs to be fixed. If it’s broken, your Digital Hub won’t function properly.

You need an expert opinion from an outsider to baseline your UI/UX and content.

We report a methodical summary (60-90 min video call) of what’s good and a step-by-step guide to improvement. Imagine!

Get the Path to Effective Online Church Communication

  • Website Diagnostic (Community and Congregation Perspective)
  • Branding Integration (Thread)
  • UI/UX Recommendations (Audience Preference and Paradigm)
  • Content Organization (Sitemap)
  • Content, Keywords, and SEO Overview and Analysis (Engagement)
  • Online Giving Moment Analysis
  • Get Ready to Take LOTS of Notes of Practical To-Do’s

Special Price: Website Assessment


Discover improvements or the path to rebuild a better online presence in 1 hour.

Get a plan to help you improve your website. Now!
(Regular $499)

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NEW! Web Content Audit & SEO Coaching: 3 sessions

Be Found for Something | Product Logo | Website Content Audit

Website content audit & SEO coaching: Fix SEO

Make Google your BIGGEST evangelist. Learn the 5 steps to make your pages rank higher!

A Website Content Audit can help every church. “Location, Location, Location” used to be the marketing mantra; but instead of relying on the church’s location to attend an in-person service, COVID-19 demonstrated the importance of online church.

So now, “Content, Content, Content” is our mantra! Having the right content lets people find your church website (and church branding thread) in order to discover an online service. And then deciding if they’ll attend in person (onsite).

Indeed, your website content needs to be set up properly to be found!

Discover the simple, practical steps

3 Website Content Audit coaching sessions (1 hr) includes:

  • 1-on-1 Website Assessment (yes, we start there)
  • Sitemap Organization Recommendations
  • 5-Step Keyword & SEO Coaching
  • Practical Q&As (Fix problems) & more

A Website Content Audit & SEO Coaching: Be found!

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the next 2 sessions at 1st session.

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