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Website Assessment: Discover Deep Communication Issues

Our website assessment lays out a plan for fixing your church communication. Do you hear: “I can’t find anything?” or “It’s difficult to keep our web up-to-date”? Then your web experience needs to be fixed. If it’s broken, your Digital Hub won’t function properly. You need an expert opinion from an outsider to baseline your UI/UX and content.

We report a methodical summary (60-90 min video call) of what’s good and a step-by-step guide to improvement. Imagine!  

Get the Path to Effective Online Church Communication

  • Website Diagnostic (Community and Congregation Perspective)
  • Branding Integration (Thread)
  • UI/UX Recommendations (Audience Preference and Paradigm)
  • Content Organization (Sitemap)
  • Content, Keywords, and SEO Overview and Analysis (Engagement)
  • Online Giving Moment Analysis
  • Get Ready to Take LOTS of Notes of Practical To-Do’s
Custom Website Assessment: Only $499


Discover improvements or the path to rebuild a better online presence.

Finally, get an honest opinion and a path to an effective website.

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Mark MacDonald was full of valuable information from how to identify your congregation, tips on how to grow your church, and website information. I wrote down just about everything he said!

Linda Urquhart - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta

Mark MacDonald was so interesting and had good SIMPLE, PRACTICAL ideas.

Jill Brown - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta

All the information we grasped today will help us to reach and engage our community at a different level.

Virginia Smith - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta

I found Mark MacDonald's presentation to be informational and useful.

Taniesha Whorton - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta

I could have listened to Mark speak all day! He was extremely engaging, truthful, and informative!

Ronda Harvey - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta


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