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A Website Content Audit can help every church. “Location, Location, Location” used to be the marketing mantra; but instead of relying on the church’s location to attend an in-person service, COVID-19 demonstrated the importance of online church.

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So now, “Content, Content, Content” is our mantra! Having the right content lets people find your church website (and church branding thread) in order to discover an online service. And then deciding if they’ll attend in person (onsite).

Indeed, your website content needs to be set up properly. 

Discover the simple, practical steps

3 Website Content Audit coaching sessions

The NEW digital church invitation:

  • Get discovered through good SEO website content
  • Lead them to watch an online service
  • Build online trust and engagement because of your thread
  • Invite them to an onsite church visit

You need a Be Found for Something Audit

Our Audit: Discover ways to improve

Doing website content wrong? You’re missing people who need your ministries. Fix this with a website content audit and coaching.

What you get in the 3 Website Content Audit sessions:

  • 1-on-1 Website Assessment
  • Sitemap Organization Recommendations
  • 5-Step Keyword & SEO Coaching
  • Practical Q&As (Fix problem areas)

Book FIRST of 3 sessions. We’ll book
the next 2 sessions at 1st session.

Website Content Audit with Mark MacDonald

Google is important to your Church

Let Google be your biggest evangelist!

Google, since 1996, offering an easy way to discover online solutions. By 1999, with 795.2 million searches, Google had become the go-to search website — because they had the best algorithm to suggest the right content.

In 2021, Google became the most-visited website with 81 billion annual visits! Your community is using them to find answers. And churches! You need to let them be your biggest evangelist.

Therefore, when Google loves your church web content, they’ll point people to it.

Why Google isn’t your biggest evangelist NOW:

  • You’re creating website content wrong
  • You’re spending too much time updating a website few ever visit
  • Sadly, other churches become the solution
Google Website Content Audit

You need a Church Communication Coach

Influenced over 10,000 churches

Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald

Sr Church Branding Strategist

Mark MacDonald, Sr Church Branding Strategist for more than 2 decades, will coach you through 3 highly practical 1-hr website content audit sessions. He’s written the bestselling Church Branding book and has influenced over 10,000 churches with his teacher’s heart.

  • Finally fix why people can’t find your website content
  • Learn 5 SEO principles so you let Google be your biggest evangelist
  • Reach more who are searching for a church like yours
  • Stop wasting time on creating web content that’s wrong

For these reasons, book a Website Content Audit today!

Book FIRST of 3 sessions. We’ll book
next 2 sessions at 1st session.