Church Logo Branding Packages

In this noisy world (where everyone ignores):


Discover the bestselling framework 1000’s of churches use!

Branding is crucial to a ministry’s success. Controlling what you’re known for allows people to choose you. But there’s so much noise so it’s difficult getting people’s attention. Plus attention spans are incredibly short!

  • You need to be known for something relevant and needed
  • Our church logo branding framework (and logo identity system) ensures success
  • Your thread will get the attention of your audience
  • A communication strategy will create a better church website

Connect with your community and engage your members.

What is church branding? Do I need Church Branding?

Branding Benefits

  • Teardown Ministry Silos; Create Ministry Unity!
  • Get the Community to Look-up
  • Engage More to Share Jesus
  • Provide Word-of-Mouth Language

Most Influential Church Branding Agency (North America)

Our Church Logo Branding Process

OPTION 1:  Our award-winning team does the work FOR you

Discover your Audience | Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Discover Your Audience! Identify your true reach area, analyze custom demographic community research, and hear from eye-opening congregational focus groups.

Build Your Brand | Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Build Your Brand! Discover your brand thread (seen as relevant and needed), get a professional church logo, and a church branding guide for practical usage.

Communicate and Be Heard | Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Communicate and Be Heard. Establish an effective church communication strategy so that you’ll have a better website, engaging social media, and emails that are opened.

OPTION 2:  We coach you or your team (accountability)

Branding Retreats | Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Church Brand Retreats: The fastest way to a Church Brand. Be motivated in this fast-paced 3-day leadership intensive. Discover Audience Demographics, Thread, and start a Communication Strategy.

Learning Groups | Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Learning Groups: Choose between one or all of our small groups (Branding, Website, Strategy) and join other churches in six cohort-style motivational sessions. It’s always fun to learn together! Expect homework!

Monthly Retainers | Be Known for Something | Church Logo Branding

Monthly Retainers: Communication is complicated! Our retainers allow you to have professional guidance and accountability as you practically establish your church Communication Strategy.