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Initially, developing effective church branding and church communication has many complexities. Keeping your congregation informed while connecting to your community is complicated. We can help.

For 20 yrs we’ve been a leading national #churchcomm voice; influencing 1000s of churches: to be known for something relevant and needed!

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Over 2 Decades of Client Love

"Mark is a kind and thoughtful person who can be a guiding light for those who are just starting out and for those who just need to broaden the scope of those they wish to serve."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

"We all have something we can do to help others at what they are doing. Mark can help you get the word out to others."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

"When I decided to reach out to Mark to help me with a startup ministry, I first reached out to others who had worked with Mark in the past. From well established ministries to those who were just beginning, the reviews on Mark's work were stellar."

Dr. Rick Blackwood - Teaching Pastor; Christ Fellowship (Miami)

Mark MacDonald was full of valuable information from how to identify your congregation, tips on how to grow your church, and website information. I wrote down just about everything he said!

Linda Urquhart - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta

Mark MacDonald was so interesting and had good SIMPLE, PRACTICAL ideas.

Jill Brown - Church Technology Conference Attendee, Atlanta