7 Warning Signs Your Church Needs Branding Help. Now.

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  • 1. Agreed
    2. Unfortunately, our “community” has never had an interest in our church. We are a conservative Anglo-Catholic church in a city / community of fuzzy-wuzzies. And the few other Anglo-Catholic parishes bad-mouth us to any and all because we are so “stubborn” in our beliefs and actions.
    3. Depends on the shirt. Does it have a pocket? I’ll wear it in public where others can see it 🙂
    4. I don’t “do” social-media. I looked at the facebook page that had been set up for our church and was horrified at things like comments, which to me, detracted from the whole thing. I want some place / something that looks formal, like you can do on a web page.
    5. I can probably do our church logo from memory better than I can do my phone logo 🙂 🙂
    6. We’re too small for “silos” I realize Jesus started with 12 Apostles… in this day and age, we need more than our 12.
    7. In the process of being changed.

    January 20, 2021 at 10:05 am